Since 1980.
Family owned furniture design, brand, with an enduring vision which values craftsmanship and innovation just as much a luxury.

Always equal, always different.

Larforma was founded by Manuel Ferreira in the 1980s. Its original size would change soon; by the 1990s it had developed a huge investment on new and bigger facilities, an industrial enterprise. Commitment, talent and late working hours guaranteed the success to pass the company to his family. The next step was taken by Hugo and Pedro Ferreira; between the 2005s and 2015s, they made the already national acknowledged brand expand to an international brand.

Responsible for the company’s strategies, the brothers share their thoughts together, always respecting the whom’s who.

Hugo implements a positive company culture, built around people, which provides full support for ambitious individuals to grow and develop; investing in each one of our people to progress and take the next step. Managing and engaging with the partners at all time, creating a bond between the company and its clients. Pedro, a creative designer with vision and determination to drive efficiency, excellence and uncompromising quality across our production; the craftsmanship work with attention to details into creating furniture with a classic sensibility in form, finish, and function. The tradition of today.





The key identity of Larforma lies in its ability of “haute-couture” on upholstery, aligning tradition and the taste for technology uncompromising quality and exceptional craftsmanship. The opposite of mass production, products can have special distinguishing features in a way to obtain a very exclusive design.  Now our work enchants the world with its unique creations since 1980. Today, we invite you to take a journey through a world of details, inventiveness, and excellence: The world of savoir-faire.


Larforma_Hand Sticht.jpg

This world can only be mastered with the careful selection of materials and technologies, bond together with environmental carefulness to preserve our future the most.

Each product carefully developed to become a timeless design, unmistakable comfort, reliability and strength to endure through time. All features of Larforma, a master of upholstered furniture trusted by a network of Architects, Interior Designers, and Studios over this 35 years.

This is why Larforma continues to push the boundaries forward into a unique way of living the home, where home is the only place where we are free.

In the meantime this family and brand, a brand which is not an only a logo, a sign or a product, it's the people. The people have the power to create, the power to make this life free and beautiful, to make life a wonderful adventure. And we, we love our people and the love they use to create this company.

Our products & solutions, designed by a multicultural team of designers respecting exceptional standards of quality, every product is developed by the designers and impeccable craftsmen. The opposite of mass production, products can have special distinguishing features in a way to obtain a very exclusive design. Expertise to work by project, drawing, and measurement with work noble materials such as Wood, Leather, Stainless Steel & Bronze, Ceramics and Lacquered painting. We know that, for a business to succeed it’s not just having nice and quality products but to focus on the taste and lifestyle of the client and providing support even after a service is completed.


Est. 1980