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Based on our research we can say that sofas with feather pillows after some time of use can have millions of Acarinas.

Our body is prepared to deal with them, but their droppings and bacterias that they feed can cause several infections. Based on this research Larforma, unless you request otherwise, took the initiative to produce all the foam cushioning with the duvet inner fiberfill which retains its shape, comfort and appearance equal to the previous forms (feather).

Acarina or Acari are a taxon of arachnids that contains mites and ticks. The diversity of the Acari is extraordinary and its fossil history goes back to at least the early Devonian era; possibly even the Ordovician[citation needed]. As a result, acarologists (the people who study mites and ticks) have proposed a complex set of taxonomic ranks to classify mites. In most modern treatments, the Acari is considered a subclass of Arachnida and is composed of 2-3 superorders or orders: Acariformes (or Actinotrichida), Parasitiformes (or Anactinotrichida), and Opilioacariformes; the latter is often considered a subgroup within the Parasitiformes.

And about Mites on the fabrics for the sofas? How can it be avoided?

Also based on our knowledge and experience, we advise you to sell preferably sofas with covers. The Larforma specializes better than anyone else in the production of covers can be washed as often as you want. Your client will thank you for this advice because it can avoid any unpleasant situation and at any time can they change the covers to a new fabric and stay with a new sofa. The customer wins, you win. Our role is to give value to your business.

Preventive measures against house dust mites reduce the clinical symptoms. Some of these measures are:

* Daily ventilation of the rooms;
* Exposure to air and sun, mattresses, duvets and pillows;
* Frequent washing at 60 °C of mattresses, duvets and pillows;
* Regular and frequent vacuuming of mattresses and carpets with vacuum cleaners equipped with HEPA filters;
* Treatment of mattresses and carpets with anti-dust mite;
* Maintaining a dry atmosphere inside the home (relative humidity of 50 to 60% and temperature between 18 and 20 °C);
* Control measures of anti-mite with Acarext test (R).

We are at your entire disposal for any questions or clarification.

Pedro Ferreira