100% Design fair


The celebration.

Larforma celebrates it’s 35 years of pure craftsmanship, a true heritage with appealing design and exquisite materials.

We've featured three new pieces, ALVA love sofa, MATILDE Chair and BONNIE console. Heritage is a strong legacy to carry and we intend to honour it. From our history, we’ve redesigned a model from our early 2000’s, now a love seat featured in a creamy green velvet at 100% design. A two-seater model which embraces you to a state of passion and self-love.
Combined with this love seat, comes a brand new dining chair, which takes you the era of “Art Noveau”, by natural forms and sculptured curved lines.

For the 2nd time this year, Larforma showcased a contemporary home décor fulfilled at London with mid-century modern furniture crafted by a true heritage of craftsmanship.

From 23 – 26 September.

Larforma heritage at 100% Design, Olympia.

The Pursue of Excellence.

Pedro Ferreira