Hôtel Vernet

Luxury 5-Star Hotel, Paris Champs Elysées, France

Luxury 5-Star Hotel, Paris Champs Elysées, France

Situated between the Place de l’Etoile (Charles de Gaulle) and the prestigious Golden Triangle district, the historical Hôtel Vernet mark its 100 year anniversary with a completely refurbished interior that celebrates contemporary elegance and craftsmanship.

Hôtel Vernet was given a complete make-over by renowned interior designer François Champsaur. The interiors of the hotel are almost akin to an actual collector’s home, as contemporary art and design take centre-stage. A carefully curated selection of artworks, furniture, textures and materials are combined in balanced spatial compositions, creating stunning vignettes in every area of the hotel, including the rooms upstairs.

We were pleased to participate on this redesign with the Obama armchairs and Obama Lounge for the Bar.

Location: Paris, France

Year: 2014

Interior Design Project: François Champsaur

Photography: © Hôtel Vernet


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