Terms & Conditions


Our terms and conditions can be subject to change without notice. Although published online they apply to all transactions carried out by email or telephone. When placing an order, it is implicit that you accept the same.


Prices always refer to a single unit and VAT is not included. Legal tax and fees must be subsequently added to the price.
The prices are displayed without fabric for the client's own fabric (COM) and alternatively in leather or fabric provided by Larforma.

Larforma reserves the right, without prior notice, to discontinue products or change specifications and prices on products.


All accounts will only be registered once the first pro-forma is issued. The customer has to provide valid company details such as Billing name, Bill- ing address, VAT number (company registration number or resale number). TAX exemption for EU companies is valid when the existing VAT number.


A 50% adjudication is required to start production of the order and the remaining 50% before delivery. Larforma only starts the production of the order after receiving the first part of the payment.
Payment must be made by bank transfer, cash or check. In the case of bank transfer the client must send a confirmation (receipt) of the transfer by email to info@larforma.com

All parts are owned by Larforma until full payment. Larforma reserves the right to postpone the delivery date until it receives payment in its entirety.


Three to six weeks for standard upholstery pieces and six to ten weeks for furniture and custom-made pieces or products. In the case of large quantities, Larforma reserves the right to negotiate with the Client.
Larforma is not responsible for delay in production time if there is a failure in submitting the confirmation (receipt) of the transfer.

Lead time for orders with COM/COL products only starts once the fabric arrives at our office and is properly identified. All fabrics must be properly identified in the order form. Larforma is not responsible for delays in production or any fabric misuse if the fabric is sent without identification by the customer.

Larforma does not assume responsibility for COM or COL, we decline any and all liability for the unplanned behavior or invisible defects (deficiencies) to the naked eye. Further, in case of being asked for additional work, we reserve the right to require the remuneration of the same.


All customers may request the storage of the pieces in our facilities. Larforma has the right to negotiate the time and apply a storage value if it finds necessary. In the event, the storage requires charges (ex: Insurance) the same may not be released until fees and the remaining balance are paid.


Cardboard packaging is included in the price. If custom packaging specification is required, the customer should instruct when placing the order and it will be charged accordingly.


The prices are EX WORKS, do not include transportation values and fees. Shipping costs are available upon request.
If the Client wishes to arrange the transport by himself, Larforma is free of any responsibility.


All the transport made by Larforma is insured.
The standard shipping quote includes door-to-door service, delivery to warehouse, store or showroom only. If a different service, urgent or delivery to the final client is required, the customer must request this when placing the order and will be charged accordingly.
All products are carefully protected and inspected prior to delivery.
In case of apparent damage, the customer must open the goods in front of the carrier and mention the damages on POD. The customer should keep the products in the final destination and save the packages.
Any damage must be reported to Larforma during the first 72 hours after receipt of the order; The photographic or video evidence of damages should be sent by email to info@larforma.com. Failure to report damages within 72 hours of receipt may result in denial of the order.
Proven the damage of the part(s) caused by the shipment that requires replacement, Larforma commits to replacing the damaged part or complete piece(s) within a period agreed with the Client. It is optional for Larforma to collect the damaged part(s) or piece(s) to replace it with a new one(s).
If the Client chooses to arrange transport for the product(s) by its own methods or means, Larforma will be free of any responsibility for the events that may occur during shipment and the customer is responsible for handling all the logistics on the conveyor or collector and for the replacement of the damaged part (s) or complete parts(s).


All claims for orders due to production problems will be handled on a case-by-case.


Any return will not be accepted without prior written consent from Larforma. Unauthorized returns will not be accepted and returned at the cost borne by the Client.


The products are manufactured after receiving the order and respective adjudication. Cancellations will not be accepted after 8 business days from the date the order is issued. A 40% restocking fee can be applied to any cancellations received after the order issue date.


Larforma has the ability to custom existing products or new products to meet contract specifications. To these orders, Larforma will provide special pricing based on quantity and features.


Larforma reserves the right not to sell to, or continue to sell to, any dealer whose distribution or sales tactics result in a negative effect on the company ability to compete and sell within a market area.


The fabric footage is based on the standard width of 1.40cm for plain fabrics. If the Client’s fabric has a different width or has a repeat, Larforma should be notified to inform the customer about the
amount of tissue required.

If the fabric requires pattern matching, Larforma needs to know the dimensions for a calculation of additional meters required.
The Client is responsible for advising Larforma in writing of any specific requirements for alignment, placement or detail

special, front or back of fabric or skin, otherwise it will be applied according to the guidelines of the upholsterer based on a standard model.
The Client is responsible for all fees of the shipment for the fabric to Larforma. Larforma will refuse all fabrics sent to charge. Larforma reserves the right to refuse the production of parts when the specifications of the fabric/skin call into question the quality in the production of the product. Larforma will not be responsible when the customer does not choose the appropriate fabric for the future use of the product.

A complete copy of the fabric/skin should be sent to Larforma in order to avoid delays caused by lack of identification (read more on delivery times). Larforma does not give warranty on fabrics or leathers when it is not supplied by Larforma.a.


For each order, the customer must always send the maximum information on the products to be produced as technical drawings,
photographs, 3D models and their finishes in order to guarantee the best match of finishes, dimensions, and prices.

Larforma never guarantees the reproduction in 100% equal pieces of any models.
Larforma has the right to refuse any responsibility or complaint when the client did not provide enough technical information.

Larforma is not responsible for the customer’s choices, which in the end do not work well.


Each Larforma product is handmade. While every effort is made to maintain uniformity, minor variations may occur.
Larforma is free to make any design or quality improvement without notification. Images in the catalog or website may vary of the final product. We work every day to improve the quality of its products in aesthetic, usability and reliability. Larforma reserves the right, without prior notice, to discontinue products or change the specifications of themselves. For special requirements, each case will be evaluated individually by Larforma.

If a custom design is required, there will be a fee applied to the service.

All pieces can vary from one to three centimeters due to the manual nature of production.

Many wood and metal finishes are applied by hand and may vary slightly in hue. Larforma makes every effort to produce a rigorous finish and/or texture, but 100% reproduction is never guaranteed.
Larforma is not responsible for fading and oxidation of parts.

All furniture with brass, lacquered paintings or high gloss must be properly cared for and polished over time. Due to the porous nature of bronze, it is common to have slight and unavoidable discrepancies in the metal upon completion of production.

The variations of color and veins are inherent to marble stones, wood, and leather and should be considered part of the natural beauty. All furniture is produced manually and, therefore, are subject to small variations. As so, the products can differ slightly from images viewed online or in the catalog.


Larforma can offer samples of all its standard finishes.
To purchase any of these samples, the customer must contact Larforma.


Except as otherwise provided herein, Larforma warrants that any product will be free of defects in workmanship and materials for two years.
This warranty does not apply to damage or breakage resulting from misuse, accident, abuse, neglect, improper handling or wear and tear resulting from normal use.

If so, defects in the part must be reported with photographic evidence to info@larforma.com or the person responsible for the sale.
Upon damage confirmation by Larforma’s, and if applicable, part or parts will be replaced as a whole, on a date to be agreed with the Client.

After delivery of the new part(s) or the whole piece, we are entitled to collect the damage if we need it. Each Larforma project is handcrafted, while every effort is made to maintain uniformity, minor variations may occur.