Montebelo Vista Alegre

Vista Alegre company and its multiple manifestations: industrial, social, cultural, technological, artistic and human.

Located just three kilometers from the sea and 8 km from the center of Aveiro, the "Portuguese Venice", this new 5 stars unit 5 is part of a project to restore all the factory space, which includes the Palace, the Chapel of Our Lady of Penha de France (National Monument), the Workers' District, the Theatre Museum and in a context that includes landscaped Fountain of Carrapichel and Ria de Aveiro.

Throughout its course, Vista Alegre has always been closely associated with Portuguese History and cultural life, acquired a unique notoriety and enormous projection. Today Vista Alegre's lines of heirs of a long cultural tradition coexist with a strong modern component, translated into numerous proposals signed by renowned international creators such as Carsten Gollnick, Sam Baron, Karim Rashid, Joana Vasconcelos, Roberto Chichorro and Christian Lacroix. This story now projects itself at the Vista Alegre Montebelo Hotel whose proudly Larforma marks its presence with the TOMMY armchairs in the rooms.

Location: Ílhavo, Portugal

Year: 2015

Interior Design Project: Visabeira Group

Photography: © Montebelo Vista Alegre


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