Vidago Palace

A Palace with centuries of Tradition.


Comfort rendered sublime by meticulous attention to detail.

The Vidago Palace Hotel reopened in 2010 following major refurbishment work. The splendour and sophistication of the past have been preserved intact, along with bygone standards of service and hospitality. Deeply rooted in the collective memory of several generations, the hotel harks back to the way life was lived in the great aristocratic households of the Belle Époque. 

Top Porto interior architecture team Diogo Rosa Lã and José Pedro Lopes Vieira have masterminded the décor. Each suite is decorated in a customised four-colour scheme that encompasses wooden floor, fabrics, wallpaper and designer furniture. 

Larforma was dedicated to the production of sofas and armchairs for bedroom suites and breakfast sofa.

Location: Chaves, Portugal

Year: 2010

Interior Design Project: José Pedro Lopes Vieira and Diogo Rosa Lã

Photography: © Vidago Palace


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